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[VID] Shout of Red Part 2 by Big Bang and Kim Yuna feat. Transfixion

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i rly rly LOVE this video.
thanks to allkpop for sharing it.

DAE SUNG... <33333333333



I know it's simple.. but i like it that way. XD
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Big Bang is back! Most definitely incredible! Hey MOVE!
LOL nice!! The atmosphere the crowd + bb showed was xDD
I love the part where they were casting auditions (?) xD

Cool collab!! BB + Yuna + (TF) = Epic pwnage!
Among the versions released, I like BB's version the best!
Trans Fixion rocked the stage the end!
And Kim Yuna's voice is amazing Very Happy

Thanks for sharing!


Paris? Incredible. It's almost too easy.
061510 - Aeri-yah~ Berry good yo! Let's eat some rice cakes.
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