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...until Pigs flew.

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1 ...until Pigs flew. on Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:15 pm

Helloooo. Greetings. Konnichiwa. Annyonghaseyo. Ni Hao. Bonjour. Geia sas...dia duit...YOU GET THE POINT.

I was known as 'Gee' before. But I can't login in that account anymore so I made a new one. [:

I is Ixion and I'm a girl. Call me Ix or Xion. lol doesn't matter. JUST NOT Ixy, Xionnie, Ixionie, Xionnie-sshi ...and all things similar to that.

I'm S♥️NELF but nowadays I'm more of a SONE by heart.

FACT: I LOVE all our 9 girls and our 15 boys--REALLY I do. But I'm a very darn biased and loyal TaeGanger and AngELF so they will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. Very Happy And yes, since I love the Umma Leaders...they are my ULTIMATE OTP and I also believe TaeTeuk will one day get married and rule over the world. ♥️

...Okay, enough about my fandom and more 'bout me. lol.

I like many things. I dislike many things. I'm short (but I'm not short-short, my height is just limited looolll) I love K-pop. But ...I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS more. XD Yes...very much of an addict. Can't get enough of em'.

To sum it up...
Kingdom Hearts + Super Generation = too awesome for words.

Hmmm...I love CHICKEN (me and ONEW could possibly be GREAT fwends X3 *squeee* jk.) aaannndd FIIISSHH (Spanish and Philadelphia-n [fish&co] <33)

I don't usually read books and I just failed doing my new year's resolution of finishing the whole 'The Royal Diaries' series ...but the Wimpy Kid series became my companion already haha. Currently at book 4 and just waiting for me to buy book 5. xDDDD I love sketching. Especially Anime and copying KH/Namine's drawings. Smile maybe I'll post some up soon... xD

One more thing...I'm an AVID-SPAZZER of LOTS of THINGS so I'm usually crazy with THOSE THINGS. (lolwhut xDDD)

Also, I'm a very weird person ...but more importantly, I'm reallyreallyreally(5x) nice and I still have common sense. I can level with any of you anytime. :DDD So don't worry 'bout talkin' to me, 'kay? XD

I know that this forum is ...dead [N.O] but I'm really bored so I though I might share some little info 'bout myself. Smile

Like I said, I'm nice and I don't bite ...I think. Smile Let's be OSM friends, kk? Very Happy

Before I forget~
Clicky-the-linky: (you know what to do, PLZ? :3333)

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