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[NEWS] Xander stripped?!?!?

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1 [NEWS] Xander stripped?!?!? on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:16 pm

U-Kiss’s Alexander stripped down in the middle of filming an episode of Shin Jung Hwan’s PD Variety Factory.

All of U-Kiss came on but Alexander made the most memorable appearance of them all.

Here’s how the story goes: They were playing games and U-Kiss lost.

Alexander had to take on punishments and somehow he ended up taking off his pants. There’s a big gap missing in that story but you will know when the show airs.

Shin Jung Hwan was so shocked by Alexander’s action and so was everyone else. What really went down? You’ll find out on the 8th.

credits: allkpop + kissmeukiss[blog]

wooaaaaaaaaaaaaah. that was just... so unexpected. wish i can watch it today. XDDD


I know it's simple.. but i like it that way. XD
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