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1 Xander's GIRLFRIENDS. on Mon May 31, 2010 5:44 pm

Calling all XANDER biased out there~

Fill out this form:

And yes, Xander calls all kissme's his gfs.. :]]


I know it's simple.. but i like it that way. XD
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2 Re: Xander's GIRLFRIENDS. on Mon May 31, 2010 8:22 pm

*frantically raises hand* ME ME ME MEEEEE!!
No joke, this fanlist is has the most intriguing title. Seriously. xDD
Nonetheless...XANDEEERRRR!! Mee biiiaasss!! <33

•Name: Sowon (I__) Cool
•AGE: 12
•WHY DO YOU LIKE ALEXANDER: What's not to like about the funny monkey? Xander...well, because he's very bubbly, sweet fun, humorous, outgoing (I could go on, really!) and he has a weird(--in a cute and good way) and unique personality that for some reason--just slyly grows on you--like what happened to me. lol. He might not get lots of lines compared to Kevin and Soohyun, but really, he does his parts well than I expected. \m/


Paris? Incredible. It's almost too easy.
061510 - Aeri-yah~ Berry good yo! Let's eat some rice cakes.
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